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AMAZING 4000 yards shot with factory made SX-1 MTR !!!!

 We are excited to announce that on the 30th September 2017 Brad Stair conducted the long shot with the SX-1 MTR .338 using a production rifle and factory match grade ammo and hit a 40” x 40” (1 MOA) at 4000 yards!! This was shot near Dugway, Utah range. We are waiting on the witnesses to release their report for this achievement. This is once again to prove, that Ritter&Stark makes the best long-range shooting rifles in the world! 


Charlie Melton- CMP 

Phillip Hotzen II-CMP 

Dustin Jones-CMP

Staton Cochron

Jay Doernberg

David Hamilton

Dallas Porter

Travis Diel-IFP

Jeremy Diel-IFP

Drew Neal Jerimiah


Equipment Used:

Ritter & Stark SX-1 .338 Lapua Mag

Nightforce NXS 12-42x56 Rifle Scope

Kestrel 4500 Wind Meter

Fix-Sticks/Tool Kit

Ivey Ring/Base setup

Charlie Tarac/Mirror System

Nosler factory loaded 300gr Lapua Mag Match Ammo

Modern Spartan Systems/Bore Cleaner & Oils

Lab Radar/Chronograph

Vortex Razor Spotting Scope

Riton Binos

Magneto Speed/Chronograph

Huber Trigger

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