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SX-1 MTR Review by TheTRUTHaboutGUNS.com

Full article and Video review : 

Link: Gun Review: Ritter & Stark SX-1 MTR

Ratings (out of five stars):

Style and appearance * * * * *

The chassis gun look isn’t for everyone, but the SX-1 MTR’s look is definitely for me.

Ergonomics * * * * *

Ergos start out great and are completely adjustable from there. I liked the SX-1’s grip, but the ability to swap it for one o thousands of other AR-15 grips on the market is great.

Customization * * * * *

AR-15 stock and grip plus Remington 700 trigger compatibility opens up doors like little else. The handguard accepts M-LOK accessories all over the place and offers a full-length Pic rail. Additionally, the barrel rail can be swapped for rails with varying degrees of built-in MOA cant. And, of course, barrel and caliber swapping ability is huge. “One rifle to rule them all?”

Accuracy * * * * 

In .308, I toed the line of half-MOA accuracy with factory loads and was under a minute of angle with many brands and types of ammo. Good stuff. In .300 WM, though, I didn’t happen to find any factory ammo that lived up to the SX-1’s potential. Though it did prove that potential with a half-minute and a sub-half-minute, five-round group with handloads. Basically, it’s completely capable of strong five-star accuracy, but you’ll have to use the right ammo.

Reliability * * * * 

The SX-1 is supposed to be capable of running completely dry, but eventually, it choked up on a dirt range in Texas in July. Thankfully it only took a touch of “lube” to get it flawlessly back in action. In every other way, the SX-1 ran beautifully.

Overall * * * * 1/2 

This is a heck of a lot of guns, even at its $5,500+ price point. If the SX-1 MTR in .300 WM didn’t struggle — pretty hard, too — to achieve almost as good as 1 MOA from all of the factory ammo we threw at it and average just over 2 MOA, it would probably earn a perfect 5-star rating. Certainly, it is capable of the half MOA accuracy it’s touted to shoot, but you might have to roll your own ammo to get there. Then again, for folks buying ~$8,600 rifle kits (i.e. the SX-1 in two calibers) getting into handloading should be a cheap and relaxing hobby.

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