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The winners of the world’s most intense, practical and realistic sniper competition will take home two Ritter & Stark SX-1 MTR rifles.

  SniperWeek is a unique training event for police and military snipers. It combines two days of comprehensive classroom lectures and presentations with two days of intense, job-related range training and competition. SniperWeek is recognized as the largest and longest running police sniper training event of its kind worldwide. 

  The Snipercraft Challenge is not a contest or a world championship. It is a competitive sniper training event for police and military snipers. The Snipercraft Challenge is a unique course, designed by and for police snipers. Using actual sniper incidents as the model, each phase incorporates documented realism. The result is a practical series of intense live-fire exercises, set up to test fitness, equipment, teamwork, problem-solving, communication skills, ability to perform under a variety of stressors and marksmanship. Participation is open only to active, certified police SWAT team and military personnel.


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